Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rhine Research Center's Taking Flight Society

For years the Rhine Research Center has existed off of the generosity of only a few individuals and the independent grants that their researchers have recieved. But at this point, the funds are drying up, and the RRC has no choice but to ask its friends for help.

This month, they are launching a fund drive called the Taking Flight Society, in which the RRC asks members of the public to pledge funds over the next five years. For example, a pledge of $500 would work out to $8.33 per month. This amount would make all the difference in the world in how the Rhine plans for its future.

The Rhine Research Center (formerly the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory), has played a historic role in the development of parapsychology, and is one of the few research centers left in the United States. It would be a terrible loss if they had to close their doors.

Visit the Taking Flight Society main page for more information on how you can help.

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