Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blog Posts and Articles of Interest

It's been a slow news week as far as academic parapsychology goes, but I've found a number of interesting links that might interest PPB readers:

The journal Consciousness and Cognition has recently published a study demonstrating that participants who have past-life memories had a greater tendency to judge the names of previously presented non-famous people as famous than control participants. The abstract is available online.

Paranormal Magazine reports on declassified army research into animal ESP.

Here's an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove at the Parapsychology Articles and Blog.

The BPS Digest reports on a study investigating the 'dreamy state' in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

The Science Blog reports on a study investigating whether praying helps cancer patients.

Since parapsychology is a multidisciplinary science, readers might be interested in this look at getting the most out of multidisciplinary teams.

And lastly, my favorite article of the week was a Nature report about an attempt at devising an open peer review system. The experiment was largely unsuccessful, but the author concludes that "there is a possibility that some combination of blogs and wikis might become a partial replacement for the traditional peer review process."

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