Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Things in Store for Public Parapsychology

I thought readers would be interested in this press release that my good friend Kevin at Complex Interiority helped create. There are new things in store for Public Parapsychology (and not just the fabulous new mirror site at www.publicparapsychology.org). Read on. -- Annalisa



Columbus, OH, April 9, 2007 – Every day, at universities and private laboratories around the world, quality research is being conducted on extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, phenomena suggestive of life after death, and other assorted parapsychological topics.

These phenomena have fascinated mankind for ages, but little of the research findings have been presented to the public in an accessible way. It seems that as the methodologies employed by parapsychologists become more refined, the wider the chasm grows between the researcher and the public that he or she serves.

In an effort to bridge this gap, independent researcher Annalisa Ventola has created Public Parapsychology (http://www.publicparapsychology.org), a web site promoting public scholarship in the fields of parapsychology and anomalous psychology. The site presents news, calls for participants, research summaries, reviews, and editorials by and about scholars who publish research on parapsychological topics in peer-reviewed journals.

Public Parapsychology is currently accepting content contributions and review copies from researchers, organizations, and publishers to increase its coverage of the field.

News: Press releases, web site updates, book, lecture, or conference announcements, and any other news of interest can be sent to news@publicparapsychology.org, so that they may be reposted on the site.

Calls for Participants: Public Parapsychology’s readership is worldwide and eager to participate in research. Calls for study participants are welcome, no matter the particular location of the study, and can be sent to studies@publicparapsychology.org.

Research Summaries: Research summaries are central to the mission of Public Parapsychology. These summaries present recently published experimental research to the public in general terms. If you would like your latest study summarized for the site, electronic copies can be sent to summaries@publicparapsychology.org or reprints can be sent to Public Parapsychology, P.O. Box 24173, Columbus, OH, 43224. Researchers will have final approval of any summaries created for the site, and they will not be presented online until after the study has appeared in print. Researchers are also welcome to write and submit their own summaries.

Reviews: Public Parapsychology will soon be providing reviews of books and conferences. Review copies of books can be sent to the address above for consideration. Email reviews@publicparapsychology.org to arrange to have a reviewer present at your lecture or conference.

Editorials: Public Parapsychology is seeking guest writers to present editorials on current issues in parapsychology and anomalous psychology. Contact annalisa@publicparapsychology.org for more information.

“Public Parapsychology has the potential to become an important point of contact between those doing parapsychological research and those generally interested but otherwise unable to follow scholarship,” says site founder Annalisa Ventola. “There has to be some sort of middle ground between telling a good anecdote and losing your audience in the intricacies of scientific research. For me, founding this site is an effort to find that middle ground. By inviting web site visitors to ‘explore, support, and participate,’ it is my hope that researchers and members of the public will have the opportunity to mutually inform one another.”

Public Parapsychology
P.O. Box 24173
Columbus, Ohio 43224

Email: annalisa@publicparapsychology.org
Web: http://www.publicparapsychology.org

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