Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watt at the Guardian

Professor Caroline Watt, at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit, has written a short piece titled Making Our Presence Known at the Guardian website. In the article, she makes the argument that teaching parapsychology in higher education is a great opportunity for stimulating critical thinking. Unfortunately, if you read the comments thread, you will probably notice an absence of critical thinking from the majority of readers who responded to the article.


Book Surgeon said...

Pretty typical angry white male skeptic response. I always wonder, if these people are so certain that psi is a delusion, why do they cruise around looking for stories about it? I suspect it's to allow them to flaunt their "superiority."

Anonymous said...

Possibly it's because parapsychologists have failed to provided sufficient evidence?

Book Surgeon said...

There are huge amounts of evidence. Just read Dr. Dean Radin's "Entangled Minds" or Damien Broderick's "Outside the Gates of Science", both excellent catalogs of much of the scientific evidence. Broderick's is particularly interesting since he came into the field as a skeptic but found himself reluctantly convinced by the evidence.