Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Videos from Ex TEDxWestHollywood

Perhaps you remember last April 2013 when TED pulled the plug on the TEDxHollywood event "Brother, Can You Spare A Paradigm" featuring Russell Targ, Larry Dossey, and many others?

The event organizers decided to continue the event, even without TED's backing, and the resulting videos are available at YouTube.

This is old news, but certainly worth revisiting.  See the 4 minute sizzle reel below:

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Suzanne Taylor said...

Anybody who feels irate about Russell Targ and Larry Dossey being dangerous programming for TED that would lose them the support of their organizers, get on line behind Nobel Prize winners who have been up in arms. If you email your protest to TED honcho, be prepared for a misguided attack on me that you will get back.