Friday, September 12, 2008

IASN PsiberDreaming Online Conference

Most people dream—or daydream—about the future. September 21-October 5 the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) goes further with an Internet conference on Dreaming the Future of Dreaming.

IASD’s seventh annual PsiberDreaming Online Conference, which also celebrates the organization 25th anniversary, will take a look at dream work over the past two-and-one-half decades and also look forward to what our dreams suggest the future might bring.

Speakers to share research

Former IASD President, Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., will share his research on dreams about the upcoming election. Dr. Bulkeley has been analyzing political dreams for many years and this year published American Dreamers: What Dreams Tell Us about the Political Psychology of Conservatives, Liberals, and Everyone Else.

PMH Atwater explores the realm of the near death experience and shares how this life changing event changes people’s dreams. Atwater is the author of more than a dozen books on this and related subjects.

Author and dream expert Robert Moss believes that dreaming is an experiential art which can provide natural access to deeper knowledge and greater awareness of waking life. He will share material from his upcoming book, The Future History of Dreaming.

Stephan A. Schwartz is one of the world’s experts on the practical applications of remote viewing and other aspects of extraordinary human functioning. Presenting on “Opening to the Infinite” he will draw on his almost twenty years as research director and chairman of the Mobius Society, which carried out research into remote viewing, creativity, therapeutic intent, and other areas of human performance.

Online conference offers discussions, art and contests

The conference will feature more than 20 presenters representing a variety of countries and disciplines. In addition to the presentation and online discussions, there will be a PsiberDreaming art gallery and competitions such as the precognitive and telepathic dreaming contests.

IASD has invited dreamers from all over the world to contribute to a document called Dreaming the Future of Dreams. The lead article was written by Robert Van de Castle, retired director of the Sleep and Dream Laboratory of the University of Virginia Medical School. The document will be available to the public at during the conference.

Rates for the annual PsiberDreaming Conference are: $40 for non-IASD member, $35 for members and $25 for students with valid ID. New members who join IASD for the first time before October 1 will receive a free pass to the online conference, and a firsthand look at the popular dream organization. Registration is on the IASD website .

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