Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Opportunities for Students at the KPU and PA

Dr. Caroline Watt of the University of Edinburgh has published more details about her online Introduction to Parapsychology Course at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit's website. The course is open to the public and accessible worldwide. Course participants will learn about the methods of parapsychologists, what parapsychologists have found, about people's paranormal experiences, what critics say about parapsychology, and how to think critically about paranormal claims and experiences. The course is kicking off this month, and will repeat quarterly. Bookings are available for January 2009.

The big news is that Dr. Watt has arranged a 50% discount off of her course fees for student affiliates of the Parapsychological Assocation. There has never been a better time to join the PA as a student. Membership fees have been reduced to $25 per year, and the PA has provided added benefits for its student affiliates, such as access to their members-only site, an online discussion forum for students only, discounts on the Journal of Parapsychology and the Library of Exploratory Science, and now a substantial savings on Dr. Watt's course.

To become a student affiliate of the PA, all you need is to be attending an accredited college or university and have an interest in the scientific and scholarly advancement of parapsychology, so why not apply now?


Anonymous said...

Hi Annalisa,

I am currently trawling through all the paranormal/supernatural blogs and came across yours. I am a skeptic but it was nice to discover.


Annalisa Ventola said...

Thanks Bruce, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Skeptics are always welcome here.