Sunday, June 03, 2007

ASPS Conference Day 2 Morning Sessions

Although the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies is not strictly a parapsychological organization, the conference theme, What the Bleep do We Know about Life after Death?, is a question of interest to me and many of my fellow researchers in the field. Even though I didn't always find myself in agreement with the assertions of each and every presenter, it was truly a pleasure to be able to spend a weekend getting out of my own research groove and learning about other people's perspectives on our shared topics of study.

Boyce Batey, the ASPSI Executive director, introduced all of the speakers and kept the conference moving. And let me tell you, he runs a tight ship. So far every single session has begun precisely on time, and most of them have finished on time. During the morning session, Boyce kindly invited me to address the conference for a moment to announce this blog and my other project, Thank you, Boyce!

Donald R. Morse, DDS, Ph.D., ASPSI former President, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, and Professor Emeritus at Temple University opened the morning session with a presentation titled, Can Living a Long, Healthy, Happy, Moral an Spiritual Life Help Pave the Way to a Blissful Afterlife? During his talk, Dr. Morse, a weightlifting champion at the age of 76, spoke about important aspects of health and fitness. As intellectuals with an interest in spiritual matters, I think that researchers such as myself fall at risk of living entirely in our heads. It was refreshing to hear a presenter give consideration to the importance of the body. Following that, he discussed various religious viewpoints on the afterlife, especially in regard to their attitudes toward the human body.

Karin K NemriFollowing that, Karin K. Nemri, ASPSI Secretary/Treasurer, spiritual counselor, hospice volunteer, healer and lecturer shared what she gained from her own near-death experience and her journey to find meaning and purpose in her life. Ms. Nemri also gave a demonstration of a technique she calls 'Aiijii' healing. According to her description, "Spiritual Healers blend into her energy field, take control of her body from the neck down, and physically move her hands and arms to move and blend energy to manifest healing."

In a similar vein, writer and channeler Betsy Jo Miller spoke of her personal experiences following the death of her son, and presented her channeled material as it related to the conference theme.

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