Saturday, June 09, 2007

ASPSI Conference Day 2: Evening Sessions

P.M.H. AtwaterThe evenings sessions of Day 2 of the ASPSI conference commenced with a talk titled Children's Near-Death States: New Research, A New Model by P.M.H Atwater. Atwater is a near-death experiencer and researcher of the phenomenon since 1978. She has written many books on NDE's from a research base of over 3,000 adults and 277 child experiencers. In 2005, she was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from the International Association for Near Death Studies and the Lifetime Acheivement Award from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

P.M.H. AtwaterAtwater's talk described ways in which the aftereffects of children's near death experiences are at variance with adults' NDE's. Child experiencers, if given the opportunity, express themselves differently than adults. Because of this, Atwater calls for a new model that engages the experiences of children at their own level. Throughout her talk, she discussed particular cases, and shared some sketches drawn by child subjects.

Karen E. HerrickThe final session of the day was on Learning the Language of Spirituality and presented by Rev. Karen E. Herrick, who has shared her clinical expertise for the past 22 years in her private practice by lecturing throughout the United States on dysfunctional homes, grief, loss and dissociation. Herrick is about to finish her Ph.D. work, researching, writing, and speaking on Spiritual Psychology. Her talk discussed a spirituality group of 7 women that met for 20 months, and how the members developed together through spiritual experience, spiritual language, and personal growth.

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