Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Site: StreamsofConsciousness.org

Berkeley, CA, September 12, 2007 – Throughout history, an understanding of the nature of consciousness has been sought after through a variety of fields of research - philosophy, psychology, biology, neurology, physics, various spiritual and occult systems, and more. Often a seemingly concrete solution to the "problem" of consciousness in one field can be counter-balanced by an equally concrete and very opposite solution in another field. To fully understand and appreciate the mystery of consciousness, a multi-disciplinary approach is indispensable.

StreamsOfConsciousness.org is the brainchild of consciousness researcher Kevin Kovelant. The plural 'streams' was chosen deliberately, as the study of the nature of consciousness requires a multi-faceted approach. The website features an active blog and impressive array of links to consciousness and dream-related resources online.

“I created this site to be a gateway to the exciting research being conducted in consciousness studies and dream studies,” says site founder Kevin Kovelant. “While I don’t necessarily agree with the results or philosophical conclusions being drawn by all of the research being done in these fields, I believe it is important to keep the dialogue open in order to get a comprehensive view of these fascinating avenues of inquiry.”

For further information, please contact kev@streamsofconsciousness.org, or visit http://streamsofconsciousness.org, on the web.

Kevin Kovelant is currently completing his Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and Dream Studies at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California.

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