Saturday, July 14, 2007

ASPSI Conference Day 3: Evening Sessions

Kevin Kovelant, a masters candidate in Consciousness Studies and Dream Studies at JFK University, and a very dear friend of mine, gave his first ever conference presentation following dinner on Day 3. Titled, Peering through the Veil: Death, Dreams, and the Afterlife in Sufi Thought, Kevin's presentation discussed how Sufism offers a conceptual framework for understanding the phenomena of 'visitation dreams'. During his presentation, he addressed the question, if the dead do visit us in dreams on occasion, what does dreaming have to do with survival after death? Kevin is currently working on completing his thesis "Visitation Dreams from the Dead" after having had many of them throughout his life.

Closing Day 3, Jeanetta W. Dunlap, Ed.D., an Education Specialist as well as a medium and healer gave a workshop on past life memories, guiding the conference attendees through exercises designed to give insight into past lives for personal empowerment.

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