Sunday, July 15, 2007

PA Conference Update

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Parapsychological Association is just around the corner. Right now I've got at least one confirmed travel companion (a grad student), and I have room in my car forat least one (possibly two) more. Please contact me if you live near the east coast and need a ride to the conference.

Also, if you live in or around New York City, I'm looking for a couch to surf on (just me) for one night...probably Monday, July 30th. I've never seen NYC and it looks like I might have a day to kill on the way to Halifax.

I've estimated the cost of gas to be around $400 round-trip. That's a lot of candy bars. A couple of kind readers have already donated to Public Parapsychology for the trip, but we're going to need some more help if we want to get my Monte Carlo all the way to Canada and back. Any and all donations received through paypal will go directly to my gas tank and benefit not just myself, but my travel companions as well.

Helping us get to the conference will also make certain that I have the opportunity to review, photograph, and summarize the conference here at Public Parapsychology (as well as give two presentations at the conference myself). Hopefully you guys enjoyed the ASPSI conference reviews and would like me to be your eyes and ears for yet another event this summer.


Marcel Cairo said...

Since I am a bonafide New Yorker, (only in Cali for 4 years now), I till have about a million friends who live there.

Let me see if one of them is willing to host an afterlife doubting ghost hunter. :-)

Annalisa Ventola said...

Did you just call me a ghost hunter? Oh no you didn't...


Thanks for looking into the couch surfing.