Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July Programs at the Rhine Research Center

July 11 7PM Making Consciousness Real and Meaningful in Today's World, a presentation by management consultant Evelyn Rice about relevance of consciousness studies for the modern business world.

Much is spoken about being present; living in the now, surrendering resistance to what is, being conscious in an ever-changing world, etc. Yet, true accomplishment of such is unlikely when approached through the future-oriented mind and it's learned conditioned strategies. Evelyn Rice of Rice & Associates lays the foundation for an open discussion around "various pointers toward truth and consciousness"; and what these pointers may mean for the Rhine and its future direction. Rice has been a management consultant for the past 21 years working with companies such as Unilever, IBM, Northrop Grumman, numerous financial institutions and the U.S. Government around leadership, teambuilding, conflict resolution, creativity and problem solving, supervisory skills and bringing practical self awareness/spirituality/consciousness into the corporate arena.

Free of charge at the Alex Tanous Library of the Rhine Research Center.

July 20 7:30PM Poltergeists, Psychics and Psychokinesis: A Biological Connection? a talk by Ruth Reinsel Ph.D., Director, The NeuroPsience Laboratory, New York, NY.

Case studies of poltergeist agents, and mediums and psychics of the 19th and 20th century, indicate that many paranormal phenomena involve strange noises or raps, environmental disturbances, and sometimes, movement of objects or furniture. Over a century ago, these were thought to be signs of spirit communication. Today, many of these phenomena would be classified as psychokinesis (PK), or mind over matter. How these phenomena are produced is still not understood, but they do seem to have grounding in human physiology. The bodily reactions observed during and after large-scale PK clearly involve the autonomic nervous system. These observations suggest a common link between poltergeists, physical mediums, and psychics who produce PK; a link that has more in common with biology than with the supernatural.

Free of charge at the Stedman Auditorium.

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